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The Online Dawah Certificate Course is aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of Dawah to students of higher secondary and undergraduate level interested in the subject. It is designed to dispel myths and misunderstandings about the subject and equip students with true knowledge, correct orientation and practical wisdom. The course has been developed on request (and in consultation) with SIO Telangana. It will comprise of three levels. Each level will be completed in 30-40 days and will consist of classes, readings, interactions, and assignments etc as per the following details:


  1. Reading material to be dispatched beforehand  1-hour lecture
  2. 30-minutes Q&A session
  3.  Pre-lecture assignment: Book review (anyone of reading material)
  4. Post-lecture quiz


  • Clarification of terms and concepts like Dawah, Tableegh, Inzar, Tabsheer, Shahadat e Haq, Amr bil Maroof, Nahi anil Munkar, Ummah, Khair e Ummat, Ummat e Wast etc
  • Underscoring the importance of Dawah for an individual Muslim
  • Underscoring the indispensability of Dawah for a Muslim society
  •  Identifying hurdles in the path of Dawah and how to deal with them
  • Preparing oneself for Dawah


  • Concept of Ummah
  •  Responsibilities of the Ummah (see related terms above)
  •  What is Dawah? (explanation of other related terms, see above)
  •  Importance of Dawah
  •  personal and collective level
  •  wrath of Allah for concealing truth
  •  rewards mentioned in Quran and Hadith for Dawah work
  •  Misconceptions about Dawah work
  •  Prerequisites of Dawah work

Reading material

  •  Shahadat e Haq (Syed Maududi)
  •  Ummat e Muslima ka Nasbul Ain (Urooj Ahmed Qadri)
  •  Ummat e Muslima: Mission aur Khudshanasi (Dr. Mohammad Rafat)
  • Jazba e Dawat ki aabyari (M. Iqbal Mulla)

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